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Who are Nravl?

Specialised expertise and sustainable knowledge built for your business

Nravl is a dedicated team of software specialists with more than 50 collective years of experience in the field of financial organisation software. Our commitment is delivering a specialised, tailored service that helps our clients to effortlessly navigate software transitions and changes, achieving faster adaptation with flexibility and agile methodology at the core of our approach.

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Helping you get more from your software

Whether transitioning to new technology or navigating updates and significant changes, the right partnership can make all the difference. Nravl helps loan and mortgage companies get more from their software, reducing time wasted with one single core of essential knowledge to create consistency where it’s needed most.

Our Mission

We want to become the number 1 partner in the Benelux for optimizing, leveraging and innovating IT solutions, helping organisations focus on their core business in the loan & mortgage industry. We achieve this by offering our extensive business experience and sustainable knowledge.

Our Values

✔ Delivering expertise and innovative knowledge developed over many years within our field

✔ Providing our clients with a tailored solution that fits their business goals and growth

✔ Offering consistency in our services to help financial organisations reach their full potential

Meet the team

Our team of skilled professionals supports businesses across Europe and beyond in adapting and innovating their software functionality. Our expert approach and central method for gathering and delivering knowledge make us a powerful partner for loan and mortgage businesses looking to unlock the fullest potential of their technology.

Jo Triest

A successful entrepreneur with many years of experience in software development for loans and mortgages, Jo’s expertise is invaluable to our clients. 

Starting as a co-founder of Finbetween before becoming a managing director for Davinci, joining Ohpen and finally moving to co-found Nravl. His insight and specialist knowledge allow us to provide a comprehensive, continual service to our client base.

Dirk Janssen

As a specialist in communication and leadership with a background in Business Analytics, IT Governance and Management & Control, Dirk supports our clients in navigating software optimisation.

With decades of experience managing IT projects within the financial sector, his unique expertise and commitment to the ITIL framework allow our clients to maximise their software usage effortlessly.

Didiér Adams

Didiér’s expert knowledge and vast insight into digital transformation are invaluable to helping to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

With a focus on connectivity and industry collaboration, Didiér supports Nravl by continually providing the knowledge and resources our clients need to meet their goals and achieve their vision with their financial software.

Jo Tries. Founder Nravl
Dirk Janssen - Specialist at Nravl
Didiér Adams - Nravl Team member

Nathalie MacDonald

Nathalie is an energetic IT Business Consultant passionate about digital transformation and test management. After a successful traineeship focusing on consultancy, she helps our clients implement solutions that fit their needs.

With a strong client focus, humour, and a healthy dose of creativity, Nathalie provides clients with unique insights and supports them in realising their goals. As a real team player, she makes sure all business stakeholders are committed and informed to maximize results.

Nathalie McDonald-Nravl team

Aneta Kavazova

Aneta is a highly skilled recruiter who is passionate about sourcing top talent and finding the perfect fit for her team. With her experience, she has honed her ability to identify the most qualified candidates and has a proven track record of successful placements.

Aneta is committed to building strong relationships with both her team and candidates, and she believes in providing excellent service at every step of the hiring process. Her positive attitude and high energy make her a pleasure to work with, and she is always eager to help her team achieve their staffing goals.

Aneta Kavazova
Ivana Zafirovska Nravl Team

Ivana Zafirovska

Ivana is a recruiter renowned for her talent-spotting skills. Combining efficiency with a personal touch, she ensures that every hiring experience is both effective and engaging.

Ivana's background as a teacher has greatly enhanced her recruiting skills. Her educational experience sharpened her ability to identify strengths and nurture potential, enabling her to match candidates to roles where they can thrive. Her patience, empathy, and communication skills, developed through teaching, help her deeply connect with candidates, making them feel valued and understood.

Jeroen Bos

Jeroen is a flexible and analytical Business Consultant, which enables him to adapt to dynamic business environments and make data-driven decisions. His expertise lies in process optimization and leveraging IT for efficiency.

Jeroen excels in optimizing processes by identifying and implementing effective solutions, thanks to his extensive experience. His keen eye for detail and ability to understand complex processes are instrumental in his role. Jeroen’s passion for his work is evident in the results he delivers. With Jeroen on your team, you can expect dedication, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Jeroen Bos, nravl team
Joel Haas van het Nravl team

Joël Haas

Joël is a creative, dedicated IT Business Consultant with a background in International Business. As a big-picture thinker with great analytical skills, Joël specializes in operational efficiency and business intelligence processes.

Whether it’s implementing new IT systems, mapping out an organisation’s needs and opportunities, or simply finding (often exciting) ways to make things better, you can count on Joël’s drive and enthusiasm to deliver results.

Sandra Bank

Sandra is an eager IT Business Consultant who leverages her experience within communication and mortgages to change your organisation for the better. Her customer focused mindset drives her to dig deep enough to design the most fitting solutions for your needs.

Her intrinsic energy makes it easy for Sandra to connect with your team and stakeholders. She is always ready to provide guidance and support. Her involvement does not end once a solution is found: she is invested and ready to tackle the implementation together with the team. She strives to always build upon the foundations, adding value and improving the daily work for your team.

Sandra Bank Nravl team
Laurens van Gelder-Nravl team

Laurens van Gelder

Laurens is an experienced consultant who has worked within various industries and organizations like Alliander, CZ, and Unilever. With his flexible mindset, straightforward attitude, and results-oriented view, he guides digital transformations to successful fruition.

Analytic and full of energy, yet calm and collected. Laurens has acted as a bridge between Business and IT throughout his career and is always ready to discuss different ways to achieve maximum value in any scenario. 

Ivana Zafirovska
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